To Be A Scullion

Family Jump

As the pan gets cleaned, it almost has a glow that belongs to your heart. Each dish that gets rinsed means that you are easing your family’s way. When the counters are wiped down germs and bacteria won’t go into the mouths of our children. Refinishing a bathroom helps the community become a better place to live. Giving neighbors a compliment brings a smile to all those around you, therefore raising the energy of the neighborhood.

Our families are counting on us to change this world for the better. Call family what you will whether it be a blood relative, friends or animals. Family means that you get to experience a great life. Watching everyone grow into great beings of the universe. This is why when I had a job that no longer needed my services I was not worried. I got to help first hand raise my family and be as good of an influence as I could muster.

We learn as we grow into adults to help our fellow man. It does no good to tear people down. They all belong the thing we call humanity. Each one of us are the heroes of the story. Every person has a certain task, want or need that they are currently completing. Which one really doesn’t matter. What does matter is how we each will influence humanity. It becomes clear after some time that as humanity comes together we will begin to accomplish great things such as interstellar travel to living on other planets.

Look forward to humanity in growth. To build growth people need to be able to act upon their greatest ideas. They will come up with much more than I could even fathom in a millennium. We are creatures at the beginning stages of growth. When tasks become menial our minds begin to wander. Those wanderings bring humanity their greatest works of art. Think about your most wonderous dream and imagine this world and others experiencing the idea.

Every person deserves to dream. To dream we must slow our minds to the now. That now is the only moment that matters because that is where the greatest difference is made. Become a scullion to dream. Use each day, what are seeming to be menial chores, to show humanity what you want most for them. This is the service that will free us from bad days. Let us have great days, every day, to live and love. Become whole once again my fellow humans.


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